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ExDeCo Application

ExDeCo (Extranet Dealer Communication) is an application facilitating direct communication between the importer and its dealers, by means of the Internet. The purpose of this application is that of increasing information quality and decreasing its costs, in the importer-dealer relationship.

Present-day information

The exchange of information between importer and dealer is accomplished by telephone or fax machine and possibly e-mail. One or more persons on the dealer's side draw up inquiries for in formation and submit them to the importer. The importer overtakes these inquiries, processes them ands submits the answers to the dealer. There are high costs associated to this informational circuit (hours/employee, telephone, fax) and the information is obtained during a relatively high period of time. Moreover, the management of multiple inquiries from the dealers and the lack of a clear offer system unavoidably lead to human errors.

Using ExDeCo

  • Using ExDeCo application, dealers can connect to the importer's database, can select and configure the vehicles (eliminating the risks of faulty selections) they can also submit inquiries and obtain answers immediately, they can insert saved data directly into the database, they can perform all these actions without needing the intervention of a importer's staff member. This operational method involves important cost cuts both for the dealer and for the importer, and the duration of obtaining and sending the information is reduced from hours-days to seconds-minutes;
  • Multiple dealers, thus eliminating the "waiting queue", can insert data simultaneously. The dealers are directly responsible for the inserted data and at the same time make sure that the specific items ordered are submitted downstream. Using ExDeCo, they will be able to know their order status on a permanent basis (i.e. order status can be as follows: "ordered", "submitted to factory", "planned into production", "manufactured", "during transportation", "arrived", etc);
  • Using its application (Catalogue and Sales modules), the importer will be offered a very simple management method both for passenger vehicles offer (see "Catalogue" module) and for car order logistics (see "Sales" module).

Product functionalities

Product functionalities using ExDeCo application, the dealer will have the following functionalities:

  • will be able to check the importer's vehicle stock;
  • will be able to have a complete view of the selected car, as well as all of its details;
  • can reserve a car for the purposes of a future contract, for a particular period of time (the Importer establishes the reservation policy);
  • will be able to order a car from stock;
  • will be able to consult a situation of all car reservations, accompanied by information regarding the respective reservations;
  • has access to the entire importer's offer (models, versions, motorizations, options, colors, lining) as well as all of the necessary details (validity period, prices, etc.);
  • is able to order a new vehicle using automated forms interrogating the importer's database ("Catalogue" module, respectively);
  • can check its vehicle orders' status.


ExDeCo module interacts with the following modules:

  • Catalogue -overtaking the products offer as well as the limitations stipulated therein;
  • Sales - overtaking and managing orders and reservations made by dealers;
  • Transportation - transmitting the vehicles' location to ExDeCo, during each transportation stage.


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