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Nexus Application

Nexus represents a management software application for the activity of car dealers and importers. The functionalities offered by Nexus result from over 8 years of experience accumulated by Tronn company specialists, developing and implementing industry-related applications for a significant number of car importers and dealers within this period.

Nexus offers a special efficiency in controlling and managing various departments of a car dealer. By modern architecture, accessibility and integration of its modules, Nexus leads to the achievement of an increased speed of the business cycle, of clear accounts regarding the carried-out operations and the financial flow. Last but not least, the application leads to a visible improvement of the customer service.

Main characteristics featured by Nexus application are as follows:

  • It is specialized and dedicated to the car distribution industry, thus meeting all requests of a modern car dealer or importer;
  • It is multi-branded, allowing the dealer to manage multiple car brands, together with all of their characteristics (part codes, repairs codes, etc);
  • The application modules are integrated, any piece of information being found and processed by any application module, this operation being provided for by a single SQL Server database;
  • It offers operational facility, having a Windows interface and operational ergonomics;
  • It features modern and scalable code architecture, thus leading to a facile configuration and upgrade possibility for all modules, meeting each customer's requests;
  • The user's access to various functionalities shall be done only within the limits of the granted rights;
  • Provides facility in creating reports and the possibility of them being exported in other formats (.xls, .pdf, .txt, etc).

NEXUS 3.0 modules contents

  • Catalogue - allows for the definition of company offer both from the structural point of view and from the car price point of view. From the structural point of view, the module allows for complete specification of configuration details regarding the vehicles in the offer (such as general characteristics, technical data, optional accessories, optional combination rules, incompatibilities, availability data, etc.). From the price point of view, the module allows for price assignment to any element in the structural offer, both at individual level and at level of combination with other elements (various definition strategies for time-variable prices are applicable for the same component and the strategies can be parameterized for a more detailed definition of prices);
  • Pre-Sales - allows for management of customer relationships, being specialized in car sales business. It implements the general functions of such relationship (contact management, follow-up of potential customers, of opportunities, etc.) as well as connections with Catalogue modules (for personalized offers) and Sales for presales activities finalized by conclusion of contracts;
  • Sales - allows for management of the entire car sales activity both from logistics point of view and from operational and financial point of view. From the logistics point of view, it offers the possibility to follow-up the car orders (both client orders and the corresponding acquirement orders) by the management of complex interactivity between the importer, dealer and customer (supporting a complete and Tronn-customizable order flow). It also allows for the carrying out of car configuration activity by interaction with Catalogue module;
  • Cashing - Payments - it offers support for invoicing and payment/cashing of orders. It manages and administrates the information regarding invoices for vehicles, issued or received by the Dealer and their financial status (cashed\paid for);
  • Transportation - it follows the evolution of vehicles from the moment of their production until the moment of their delivery to the client. It allows the follow-up of the vehicle in different locations on this route;
  • Spare Parts - complete stock and storehouse management (parts catalogue, management of acquirement/consumption/storehouse/stocks, multiple stock management styles - FIFO/LIFO/CMP, historic, stock movements, reports, etc);
  • Service - allows for full management of service activity (inspections/repairs programming, management of repairs orders/contracts, labor force productivity, customer management, car operations historic, invoicing management, management of workmanship operations catalogue, etc.). It is connected to Parts module for real-time stock inspection, reservations and parts consumption rate;
  • Accounting - it offers full support for accountancy adapted to Romanian practice. It also offers real-time support for automated accounting based on definable events in other modules as well as the possibility of particularizing their effects from the financial-accounting point of view;
  • Various Invoices - it allows for the system input of invoices expressed in ROL as well as those expressed in foreign currency. For external invoices, the import custom-clearance certificates may be input. When inputting an acquirement invoice, the acquired items are classified observing the following criteria: parts (merchandise), fixed assets, accessories (for fixed assets), inventory objects and miscellaneous items. This module is also utilized for the issuance of invoices both in ROL and in foreign currency, other than those issued from the specialized modules (Service, Spare Parts, Sales Cashing-Payments);
  • Fixed Assets - the book-keeping method for fixed assets and their depreciation;
  • Wages - it offers support with the view of carrying out the calculation and employees' wages book-keeping activities;
  • Leasing - it offers support for the carrying out of operational and financial activities within the leasing department of a car dealer. It also allows for contract management, records of periodical invoicing and cashing activity, monitoring the observance of contractual terms and conditions and invoicing the penalties as well as the connection with Sales module for the definition of structural details of cars subjected to the leasing contracts;
  • Configurare - it allows the configuration of application parameters as well as the definition and configuration of user-level security (access can be controlled at module and individual functionalities level);
  • Management - it offers facilities for reporting and analysis of data within all system modules.


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