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Tronn Software also provides the implementation of licensed applications. The implementation of Nexus application at the Client's office contains the following stages:

  • Analysis of Client organization;
  • Application installation on the Client's server and workstations;
  • Application configuration and adaptation to the Client's specific requirements;
  • Personnel training.

Technical support

After the expiry of the guarantee period, Tronn Software provides, against payment, technical support and maintenance services for the installed applications.

The technical support services contain:

  • Assistance by phone or by Internet for current operational problems regarding the system (configurations, administration).
  • Periodical check-up, online and at the Client's office, regarding the database and application integrity.
  • The contact methods are: Web, e-mail or telephone. For travels to the Client's office, the conditions will be negotiated separately, depending upon the Client's location.

Extended technical support

For our clients we can also provide an extended technical support for the entire IT infrastructure. Our company thus overtakes the maintenance activity for the entire Client's IT system (server, network, software), harmonizing the entire IT infrastructure and optimizing its operation.

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